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Beevia Gir Cow Ghee

Advantage of Gir Cow Ghee

  • Prevents the risk of chronic arthritis and improves memory power.

  • Reduce cholesterol levels, promotes the digestion process.

  • Boosts immunity, prevents unnecessary fat deposition.

  • Promotes wound healing nourishes skin and hair.

  • Promotes bone growth and brain tissue development.

An organic move filled with happy cow moos

Ghee has been an essential ingredient in Indian food since a time unknown.

Our ancestors perfected the art of making versatile use of cow’s milk.

Gir cows in particular are one of the oldest desi cattle breeds still in existence.

We at Beevia decided to bring back the pureness cow ghee once stood for.

The advent of hybrid cow breeds made it impossible for us to ever have a taste of true ghee.

Worry no more, because we have succeeded in making the most economical and the most delicious for of Gir Cow Ghee.

Why Ee Choose Gir Cow Ghee

The Vitality of Gir Cow Milk Products

Why did we choose the Gir breed among so many other desi breeds?

The Gir cow’s milk has been proven to contain more nutrients than every other kind of cow milk.

It is known as the superior cow breed in all of India. Many milk products lose their initial healthiness after processing.

But the Gir cow milk’s products manage to retain all of their healthiness in a tasty bundle.

In addition to that, our natural methods of procuring ghee increase the retaining of its innate deliciousness.

A pack of Nutrients and Minerals


any ghee will have vitamins such as D and other fatty acids.

But Beevia’s meticulously created Gir Cow Ghee boosts your stamina with a powerful combination of vitamins such as A, D and E. Furthermore,

it also contains Omega 3 fatty acids that help you restore your natural healthy state.

A Natural Detox

Ghee is well-known for its digestive and detox properties.

With the help of anti-inflammatory bacteria, it reduces inflammation on the inner linings of your stomach.

It also promotes the growth of digestive acids to help your stomach maintain the optimal digestive system.

Beevia’s Gir Cow Ghee helps you not only improve your digestive pathways but also acts as a natural detox.

See To Believe

We Have All The Features

A bone strengthener

Beevia’s Gir Cow Ghee is made naturally to carry all its natural nutrients. One such is K2 which helps you regain your lost bone strength. It works its magic by making your bones more receptive towards calcium intake. A regular intake of all-natural Beevia cow ghee enhances your metabolism and reduces inflammation in joints. Simply put, it is an easy way to get healthy.

Slow processed to be the finest

With Beevia, you do not get an instantly processed ghee that undergoes adulterating and chemical treatments. Instead, our product is filled with tenderness and love. Following the ancient method of slowly churning the curd and boiling it, Beevia’s Gir Cow Ghee ensures taste and aroma.

A way to save Gir Cows

Native cattle breeds are on the decline due to the increased desire for more milk yield. But let us unite and make a decision that saves the species forever. By embracing the healthy benefits of Gir Cow Ghee. Choose Beevia to support the happily fed Gir cows that milk for your benefit.

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