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Beevia Dairy’s Biotic Farm

—The source of holistic purity!

Experience nature’s unfeigned delights in the form of Gir Cow Ghee, Organic Honey, Premium Tea and much more. Say “No” to adulterated food and “Yes” to the tasty delights from the womb of Mother Nature.

A brand of excellence and refinement

If it is Beevia, it is assured to be born naturally with zero synthetic participation.

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Beevia embraces nature

Nature does the most part in the lifecycle of Beevia products.

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than watching our plants take their natural course of life. With carefully chosen plants, comes highly bountiful results. They are loaded with rich nutrients laden by Mother Nature.

Our products aim to reduce the synthetic chemical content on your food intake. Just like our ancestors, who were masters of cultivation and conservation, we strive to go all-natural at every step.

All our past activities were aimed at creating a market where sustainability overcomes abundance. We debunk the myth that organic ways produce lesser yields every day by using natural fertilizers. Earthworms and other beneficial insects have taken part in helping you enjoy your Beevia products.

After every harvest, the soil is allowed to rest and restore its health in a chemical-free way. While the Earth helps us with varied seasons to let us grow a wide variety of plants that serve our customers’ needs.

Reason One

We believe in and practice simplicity

Our minimalistic packaging ensures that we do not exploit the nature of its resources, but use them sustainably. Every container we make is made of recyclable materials that guarantee easy breakdown without any release of toxic materials. Accompanied by environmentally-friendly processes, Beevia is a brand that practices what it preaches.

Reason Two

Lip-Smacking originality

We do not want you to compromise taste for quality when you can have it all. Beevia is the right choice for you if you are a perfectionist who only prefers the finest of food materials. When free from chemicals, foods become much more flavourful and nutrient-rich. Which you will surely encounter while tasting Beevia’s food ranges.

A delicious treat for your taste buds and your health-conscious minds

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Bringing natural biotic milk, Ghee using traditional practice & process with the symbol of trust & purity


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