Beevia Tea

One sip cure for all your sore days.

Beevia Gir Cow Ghee

100% natural handmade ghee, made from pure Gir cow milk

Add a bit of flavour and health to your daily foods with a shed of love from Beevia.

Beevia Gir Cow Ghee

Biotic Ghee is premium quality handmade Biotic Cow Milk Ghee

Beevia Honey

Best Honey with Premium Quality

Beevia Tea

Connect with quality products!

Beevia’s magical blend

As our name suggests, our products hail from nature like bees and reach you via environmental-friendly containers. We have discovered the perfect blend of flavour, nutrition and eco-consciousness. All our products stand to radiate the same.

Nature’s friend

With us, you get a chance to support the natural way of farming that improves the sustainability and stability of the environment. Beevia follows a century-long tradition of preserving the land like our genius Indian ancestors did.

Safe delivery

Your search for a place to enrich your taste buds is over because we deliver the products to you. Convenience matters, hence, we offer you different modes of receiving the product. We exist to make your life easier and healthier.